Paris feels that good photos should be available without strings attached. One of the beautiful advantages to digital shoots is that the images can be saved to the cloud for the client to enjoy.

Paris believes it’s the art of the craft that should be compensated. Therefore he has a flat hourly rate with no hidden extras. You get to keep all of the footage. Every photo is provided in high resolution for you to print as you please. It’s been cleaned, airbrushed, and cropped if necessary, but they are all yours to print as many as you like, as often as you like, because after all they are your photos!

His Brighton studio is ideal for head shots, small family portraits, glamour photos, and product shots. Paris is equally happy to photograph any location within a 30 mile radius of Brighton for no extra charge. Whether it’s your wedding, your restaurant launch, or simply your loved ones on the beach, Paris will capture the images with an expert eye.

If you are interested in printing services, Paris Stone Photography can print your photos in a variety of sizes and mediums from sheets of wallet size to large photos. Paris also offers a service to restore or improve existing photos you may have. Regardless of format (slide, 35mm, etc.) age or size, damaged or poor quality photos can often be improved considerably and reprinted in a variety of sizes so that you can showcase your favourite captured memories.

If you are looking for an amazing photographer, please contact Paris today.